Out of the mists of South Shropshire, England, during one long summer in the mid 1980's, emerged a pirate radio station by the name of Radio Bangladesh. Nothing to do you might think with the state in the Indian Sub-Continent, but a rag-tag bunch of low-life who were ardent fans of the ex-Fall guitar player Marc Riley, whose new band, “The Creepers”, were enjoying indie chart stardom with sonic delights such as “Jumper Clown” and “Location Bangladesh” from whence the station was named.

Secretly funded by agents of the Reg May Organisation Inc., the aim was to subvert the goodly folk of Ludlow into purchasing Reg May's sausages, using powerful new methods of subliminal suggestion, transmitted along with a rich diet of indie pop classics and furious beats, to grab a dissaffected youth culture raised on emasculated Northern Soul and Country and Western so beloved by their parents.

The Radio Bangladesh crew were initially: Monty, Tom C and Dave T, ably assisted by other reprobates from the Ludlow area who brought along such Vinyl delights as: “Ted Chippington's Non-Stop Party Hits of the 50's, 60's and 70's”, The Membranes, Killing Joke, The Fall, Davey DMX et al.

The station later moved to Stafford, and the line-up was complemented by Captain Mushroom, Reggie Roughneck and Howie the Rat with his Hangover Show. Listeners inundated Radio Bangladesh with requests and demo tapes, and even came over to visit (entry fee was cans or bottles of alcohol). Howie's Hangover show was a great hit with the girls from Dunstan House, who recorded jingles for his show, and made lewd remarks.

A satisfied listener - Farmer A. Clark of Ditton Priors writes:  “Who are these drug-crazed imbeciles, pedalling filth and depravity on the airwaves? They'd better keep orf moi land!!"

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